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BW 200 Engine

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Hey does anyone know offhand the similarities and or differences between the BW and TW engine?

I'm guessing the sprocket shaft isn't as long to offset the rear tire, ( the BW has a jack shaft built into the swing arm ) and the trans gearing...

From the looks of it, they look almost identical.

Figured I can put this out there and perhaps this can possibly expand the pool of parts we can all source from....

Boy does this look like fun!!!

Any one have the BW fever too?

Yamaha BW200 by Richard Todd Giordanella, on Flickr
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Some years ago I've bought 2 BW200 on ebay. But they were stolen, before the selling was completed.

I am really sure, that there are no differences between the TW200 and the BW200 (except the sprocket shaft).
Sorry to necropost but I started a thread to get some info but I am realizing I should have searched more (rookie mistake). Macbig2k1, I am working on an '87 BW200 and I would like to upgrade the clutch and transmission to XT/TTR components, but I want to keep the kick start and factory compression release valve, as I am doing the YFB250 jug and 74mm sleeve from one of your threads. I was wondering if you could provide a list of the components I will need from the XT/TTR to make this happen. Thanks in advanced!
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After doing some gearing calculations I figured out switching to a six speed would only gain me around 2mph on my top speed and not really change my distance between gears a whole lot, so I ended up just buying an '86 TT225 clutch assembly to make the stock bottom end a 6 plate clutch and called it good.
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