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Hey all,

I picked up this bike a few months ago, and haven't really gotten around to riding it much.

I love the style and the way it rides, but I have other projects that need finishing.

I believe someone else will really appreciate it and actually ride it, so I'm offering it up for sale.

I don't think there is another Stateside TW with this much Japanese aftermarket parts on it!

Almost everything is Nitroheads, and all parts have under 500 miles on them. This bike could be a display TW for Nitroheads, it is so clean and well modified. The previous owner basically spent a small fortune procuring all these parts from Japan, modified the bike, and then sold it to me before even enjoying his creation.

Location: Bay Area, CA

Price: $4.5k

Contact: Lloyd(dot)Leonard(at)gmail

The parts list is extensive, and as everyone is well versed with the TW on this forum, I'll let the pictures do the talking:


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I'd like to have it just to turn heads.

So, does it run faster then a stock TW?

Just asking
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