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calif smog box

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i have a smog box on my t-dub would it inprove my performince? and if so how would i remove it THKS MJD
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Removing it won't improve a thing. It's a tank vent. Nothing more. Has no effect on performance.
So many myths about the canister that they've become accepted as fact. I gotta do a writeup on how the thing REALLY works.

It's one of those rare instances in which a picture isn't worth a thousand words, but a simple diagram with couple of arrows, is.
Thanks, Rich. A lot of folks don't fully understand tank venting. If I were a better draftsman it would be pretty easy to show how a Cali system ultimately functions identically to a vented cap and nothing more.

Well maybe a little more. It also helps keep your garage from smelling like a refinery storage tank.

I giggle at the claims on certain other bike-specific websites of magical power increases after "DeCalifornicating" the canister. Prolly the most common bewlchit indicator of who really knows what in all of motorcycling.
LOL. I miss my canister. I often hug it.

I'm looking into some really lightweight, compact scooter units which anyone else who hugs their canister can install in a different location on the bike.
Shhhhh....Uncle Jerry and Company are always looking for new ways to pay for their choochoo. Not sure how they missed one.

They're already doing it in parts of Az, which I find surprising.
Edit. WrOñg place
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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