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Camera Tank Mount - The Next Generation

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In an earlier post I used a cup to mount my camera to the gas cap so I could shoot some video. Even after incorporating Admiral's improvements I wasn't quite satisfied so decided to go with my original idea - a rubber PVC pipe coupling. I got a 3" by 2" reducer, and a 1 1/2" slip cap that fit perfectly into the 2" end. My theory was that the rubber would provide more damping, especially the shoulder on the reducer. Also, since the coupling is rubber I can shove it right down against the tank when mounting it on the cap for more stability. I was also trying to reduce the height with the idea that less "arm" would reduce the apparent motion. The last idea didn't work so well since the camera has to be high enough to see over the headlight fairing. Anyway, it's still not as good as a GoPro or Contour, but I think it's acceptable and will continue to use it until I get the money for a better solution. Just throwing this out in case anyone else wants to try something similar. I would like to see more videos posted!!! I'll post a few of my own as soon as they finish uploading.

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Looks like you had to sell your neutral gauge cluster to afford it all.

Nah, that's the way it was when I got the bike and I haven't seen a need to replace it. I don't ride at night much, I can easily feel when it's in neutral, and I can see the turn signals flashing. I am, however, going to wire up an audible alarm for the turn signals since I still forget to cancel them sometimes. Besides, what are you doing hanging around the computer? Get out there and shoot some more video! jk
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Cool! That's a well engineered gizmow. I look forward to seeing how it turns out!
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