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So, I fro'd this up over there in the classifieds, hoping somebody might see it... took and figured I might as well fro' it up over here too, n nat.

OoOooOhhhhhhh Unka Bob needs stuff to make his new (1987) Tdub run.

God bless 'em, he's really not my uncle, but he may as well be. He and my late father were motorbike buds from wayyyyyy back.

I'm guessing Bob is at least 77 years old now. I feel obligated, I mean it's Unka Bob and he liked my TW, plus he's been looking for a year, well...

He bought a leaner.

You know, one he found outside leaning against a shed. It's been through some COLD winters here in PA. It ain't done it any favors. Especially inside the carb and tank.

So, that's been reworked and he needed a coil, (it was missing), and a petcock, (it was missing), the tank was off, I assume the previous owner tried to clean it, and now it's in need of sealing... so I took n bought him that stuff over there on fleaBay, a new coil and a new petcock and a oil filter. Didn't find the other bits he needs.

So, that all came in the mail today, except the petcock, and we wanted to know if the power plant would speak, so I bolted down the coil for him. FIRE AT THE PLUG! Good sign, good sign.

I snugged it down and well, after tinkering a bit, removed the carb, stripped the carb, soaking the parts, compressed air and the ya ya, (drilled out the Air Fuel plug while I was there), reassembling the carb, WHAMBO!! we did get it to fire up!

Not run as in ride it, it fired up and half baked idled. We feed it fuel through a squeeze bottle, but it did run. That's a huge step in the right direction considering the carb was varished shut. I've never seen one quite that bad. The tank is in a box on his garage floor. I'm thinking his MPG from the squeeze bottle ain't gonna be as good.

My guess is the missing air cleaner isn't helping much for tuning that carb either. Any pointers for that once the air box is complete?

So anyway, you know a little about Unka Bob's new old Tdub. It's blue and white, the seat is nice, the tank is nice all the plastics are there EXCEPT the left side plate that covers the air box. Likewise, the air box lid and filter cage and filter element are missing. So, yep, he needs those. I'll list what I think he needs to sit on it and ride for ice cream...

1987 Model T-dub 2 hun-net, blue and white, n nat.

Unka Bob's wishlist;

(1) Air box lid / side door (and screws if ya gots em.)

(1) Air box filter cage (for the element)

(1) Air box filter element. (He can get that pretty easy local.)

(1) Left plastic side plate.

Now Unka Bob want's to buy this stuff. He ain't a rich fella, but he is a proud fella who likes to fix stuff. He likes motorbikes, and he really loves his little leaner Tdub.

Can ya help Unka Bob???? Throw us a note eh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, and if ya got carb jets that somebody doesn't need or use anymore... I had to pin clean his and I'm banking on it being way lean, just like my 87 was.

THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! N nat.

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Not sure what the 87's had as a carb set-up , but I'm sure it is still lean.....put in at least on size larger main jet , possibly 2 sizes . Yes the air cleaner box / lid / element has too be there for OEM or stock bike too tune properly . New plug perhap's ( use the OEM recommended type and heat range of plug ). You may be light years ahead on the tank to buy an aftermarket plastic one instead of messing around with the old rusty one ( unless of course you are a pro at cleaning them up .) .
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