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How do I get my old contents over here, Aviator etc ???

Guys, one easy way is "da Google" (terminology from a comic strip). For example, I built a "recession rack". To find that thread, just google "TW200 forum recession rack" and it should pop right up at the top of the list of "hits" in Google. I only tried that particular posting as a test, but I'm sure all the other posts are similarly accessible. Chopper Charles specifically indicated he'd leave the old content exactly where it had always been on the internet, since Google and other search engines already had that content indexed and readily available. Good luck.

[Edit] For what it's worth, the search engine at won't help you with a bunch of the pictures, which only selectively got indexed by google. For example, the discussion about my recession rack is there, but none of the related pictures. For other threads which I tested, some are complete with pictures and other threads have no pictures or few pictures. Caveat emptor!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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