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Some TW riders may benefit from a couple websites for H-D Keihin CV40 carbs, which are VERY similar to the Teikei TK28 CV carbs.
Both have vacuum operated slides and both have an enrichener circuit, rather than choking the air supply.

Nightrider came to my attention circa 2002. Lots of useful info, although there are a few tricks overlooked, such as putting the slide/diaphragm in a freezer for a few minutes before re-assembly.

Carburetor Troubleshooting Guide

It has a lot of good info, although I do NOT subscribe to their suggestion of drilling the slide.

My reasons for not drilling are the same as given by CVPerformance (see item 6 in their link). They recommend not drilling over 7/64", but I would not molest the slide, at all.

CVPerformance became a sponsor of the XLForum and may have gleaned some of their collective info from that forum.
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