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Carb Screw identification help

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I have been reading for the last couple of hours, I did use google to search the older forums.

I have a question as quite honestly I am new to carborated motors. I have worked on cars and my last bike I owned that I messed with was before I cared or even knew to be concerned with these things. Previous to this new TW I had a few quads, they were so new it was a non issue.

I have the first TW which is a 2006. I have read time and time again that they are most likely too lean from the factory.

I see a lot of info on the older carbs and am so new at this I don't completely understand the difference. Also a lot of posts are not for newbies like me and don't have pictures!


At Bikebandint they have the exploded view of my 2006 Tw200 carb:

What screw am I turning the suggested 2.5 - 2.75 turns out as a starting point?

Is it screw # 27 "Air Screw Set"

Or is it screw #16 "pilot Screw set"

The reason I am confused is that I have been reading it that the idle or air set screw is under the plug on the bottom of the carb... but according to this parts breakdown the pilot screw is under the plug and on the bottom.

I am not sure if the newer carbs changed the location or if I am just incorrect in my understanding.

I realize I will gently screw it in till it bottoms and count where I began, in case I have to go back, and then turn it 2.5 to 2.75 turns out and see how she runs.

There is no big issue right now, it even starts without the choke on for the most part. However I am afraid that under a load or when me and the wife are both on the bike (<320 lbs) that we may put more stress on the motor if its lean. I would rather lose a bit of mileage and keep the engine colder.

Its greatly appreciated.

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What plug are you guys talking about drilling out?
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