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Carburetor Style of 1994 TW

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I know carburetors are covered again and again here...but here's my problem. I am trying to step down to a 112 Jet for a little more fine-tuning since I'm at approx. 7000 above sea level, and even after a thorough tuning/cleaning/etc. it's still running rich on the main circuit.

I know the part number for the 112 jet. I tried to order a YAMAHA jet from stadium yamaha (who everyone recommends) and I could paste the e-mail here but basically the answer is...they don't have one, and yamaha doesn't have any in stock either and doesn't have a projected time when they WILL be in stock. I called the few places that "claimed" to have them in stock (yamaha marine powersports places, mostly) and they all said the same thing...not really in stock, but can put in an order and "see what happens."

So I went to my local shop and surprise surprise...same answer BUT they SWEAR that the round jets that they use in their kits are compatible and comparable size. Since it's about a 45 min drive to the shop from my house, I bought a couple (112 and 110) "mikuni-style" jets from the kit they use to see if 1) they physically fit without hassle (thread pitch the same) and 2) are indeed comparable to the short/small hex stock TK/Mikuni/whatever they are jets.

I have read that the mikuni jets for the NEWER TK carbs run bigger than the stock "size" but haven't read/heard a clear comparison on the OLDER TK carb stock jet vs. mikuni replacement.

I'll keep you posted but if anyone else has any experience with this, I'd like to hear about it.


EDIT: Oh yeah I've seen it written that the old-style carbs are Mikuni but mine says TK on the side and yes it is a round-slide carb. I suppose it's a Mikuni-style carb built by TK?
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Here's sort of a crossreference. If accurate there are a few options you could research at the dealer. Parts guys don't like to think ouside the box much these days, and if it ain't in the puter for your model of bike it don't exist. Looks like a Kawi dealer might be another potential source as well.

I've got a similar problem, in a way. I live at around 4,000 ft. but within an hour's ride I can be either at 10,000 ft. or at sea level, depending which fork in the road I take.

It's a real pain, so I have to run a bit rich at home in order not to run lean below 1,000 ft.

The point of this being that if much of your riding is at lower elevations you may need to compromise on the rich side. I have to run a 116 up here or I can really smell the engine paint when I'm down in the lower desert.
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That's good. I hear they blow up at 1.44.
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