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Casual gun mount

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Took the Tdub out for a little target practice to sight in new Ruger .22 plinker.

The Jimbo shield,Tusk handguards and the mirrors make a perfect slot to hold a rifle case. (Not recommended for

rough riding) I loop the strap through the frame to hold it down.

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Yep that looks like a casual gun. Nice and rugged, get parts and mags anywhere.

My own preference for a rifle plinker in .22 would run to a Thompson Contender carbine or a Marline model 39A.

The corn tender breaks down for easy carry. The Marline breaks down too but then The bolt goes into your pocket so you don't lose it.

They are both superbly accurate with the edge in this to the Thompson.

Thompson has the added advantage of changing barrels to change calibre. .22 hornet is awesome.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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