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Cdi yellow wire

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I ordered and received a cdi for my 1995 tw from partzilla. I seem to have an extra yellow wire. I taped over the end of the yellow wire, held my breath and 260$ cdi but the bike fired up and ran nicely. All the symptoms of idling fine but an inability to rev up appear to be gone.

Does anyone have any concerns leaving that wire disconnected? I guess the damage would have been done by now?

Thanks for any comments.

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My parts bike came with a spare CDI. The PO said he spent $300 and it didn't run any better with the new one -- it was a carb problem. I noticed the extra wire and decided to use the older CDI with the correct number of wires and after reading this post I am glad I did. I was thinking maybe the yellow wire went to a tach.

It seems like all things TW start with a "2JX", at least on my '87's. If so maybe "2YG" is significant for some other model that is useable with the TW.

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So what I need is a wiring diagram for an '87.....................or what years have a yellow wire and which years don't?
It looks like the one without the yellow wire has a total of 9 wires. With the yellow it is 10.

Edit: I just checked the San Jose Yamaha website. The '87 TW CDI part number is 2JX-85540-M0-00. Then I checked the '88 and '94 model years and they were both 2YG-85540-M0-00. (BTW, It is "emm zero", not "emm oh".)
1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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