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Cdi yellow wire

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I ordered and received a cdi for my 1995 tw from partzilla. I seem to have an extra yellow wire. I taped over the end of the yellow wire, held my breath and 260$ cdi but the bike fired up and ran nicely. All the symptoms of idling fine but an inability to rev up appear to be gone.

Does anyone have any concerns leaving that wire disconnected? I guess the damage would have been done by now?

Thanks for any comments.

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Thanks a lot to all who replied. I am trying to find a good wiring diagram but no luck yet. A sketchy one shows what looks like the yellow wire going to a neutral switch.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the diagram. I am going to end up with the extra yellow wire I guess since all the other colours matched up nicely....A bit of history... I only had the bike home for a few hours before the idling and rev problem showed up. I isolated it to the cdi after several carb cleans. I noticed the problem went away when moving the bike from a warm to cooler place. II baked the cdi in the oven and could get a ride or two out of it but I never ventured too far. This new one seems to work great but I hope I don't have a 2000 km disaster.

Thanks again

1 - 3 of 21 Posts
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