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cell buckle review

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after watching the show American Chopper were they made a bike for the cell buckle company, i thought i would buy the cell buckle and put it through the ringer and find out if it was a gimmick. i purchased the 7/8"-1" model to match 7/8" bars and it came in black, was made of thin plastic and has a rubber coating on the area where it wraps around the handle bars. THE RIDE, while riding on the roads the cell buckle seemed to stay in place well and i had no issues seeing the screen of my droid3 smartphone. however, when i started down those bumpy new england back roads the cell buckle was not stable enough and bounced back and forth roughly. as far as the trails go, the cell buckle turned out to be a huge pile o' crap. i went to a local electronics shop that sold cell phones and asked if i could have a dummy phone they used for display pourpose. while on the trails the cell buckle could not hold on to the cell phone and it actually fell out several times. so when cell buckle says that there unit holds any phone or gps unit they are dead wrong. i think that for the cost of $29.27 shipped, the build quality was very low, they plastic is just too thin. the rubber does hold it in place on the bars though, that part did not budge. all in all i think the cell buckle gets 1 out 5 stars. if they came out with a version two that was made of thicker plastic or a metal reinforced unit, than the concept would be awesome. i tried to mount the cell buckle so it was under the bars but that limited the ability to make left turns. it hits the tank and could be a safety issue.


front shot

side shot

these rides i took while evaluating the cell buckle were taken in early december. in about 45*-50*F
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Yeah, get a RAM. I've had mine for a few years now and it has NOT moved while holding my heavy GPS unit. Thanks for the write up though. I appreciate you taking the plunge so we all don't have to. I'm sorry it didn't work. The concept is spot on, but like you said, its just not heavy duty enough. By the way, what bars are those? They look really nice.
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