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Central UT Adventure

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I had the chance to get away for a couple of days with some good friends (Jeff & Val - they had their quad, however, both have Honda MX Bikes as well just not on this trip) and got some great riding in on the Monroe Mountain in Central UT in the Fish Lake National forest.

Here is my mug shot....

Jeff and Vall crossing one of the many stream we encountered along our had been bone dry down here until the past several weeks and for about the past 20 days or so the mountian has been getting a nice shower every afternoon.

Coming up through the tree's..

One of the trails had this cool boardwalk over a marshy area.

In rain gear just after the rain stopped, once we arrived at Barney Lake.

Val and Jeff making waves....

Here are some shots of a burn area we rode through from a fire this spring, amazing how the fire jumps the road in some spots, burns acres and acres and then will leave a whole stand of trees untouched. It looked like another planet in some spots.

Sorry for the picture 10 year old point and shoot has been dropped while, hiking, biking, skiing etc etc and continues to somewhat take pictures. One of these days I need to upgrade it.
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Nice shots, and looks like you had a good ride. Glad to hear they've got some rain lately. I hate to see the devastation the fires cause, but I guess it's a natural process and the vegetation will grow back. We've also had our share of fires in this end of the state, including a fairly major one on Cedar Mountain just west of Highway 89. Monroe Mountain is a great area to ride in, I hope to spend some time in that region next year. Thanks for sharing your ride with us.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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