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Chain Gang Returns to Mineral

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Been itching to return to Mineral City to do some more snooping around since my first trip back in December. If you missed that RR you can view it here.

Arranged a ride with son's 2 & 3 for this past Monday to quench the itch. Been real dry here this winter with almost no snow or rain, so Sunday night I had the TW jacked up, axle nut loosened ready to take off the chains. At the last moment I changed my mind (gut feeling), left the chains on and tightened everything back up.

Edit: Photo and Video youtube if you don't want to scroll with some relaxing music.

Loaded and ready to head out

Loadmaster supervisor making sure we secured everything just right

Unloaded at the staging area and ready to roll.

Let's roll #3 in charge of most photo taking. Me with Georgie on back headed toward Brownlee Reservoir (can see in the distance)

and closer

Me and #2 at the reservoir

Nice shot across the reservoir looking at Oregon

Rocking M Ranch Lodge I believe

More to come
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Looks like a good chukar spot...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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