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Hi All;

I am a recent new member of this forum and have enjoyed reading and learning from all of you.

I have been a rider since 1959. Up until last year I road performance dirt bikes as well as a Sportster. All the guys I used to ride with, here in the Boise area, Have gotten old on me. They got rid of their bikes and acquired Big TVs and more comfortable recliners. Some were even so rude as to die.

I did sell my last dirt bike last summer and have just been tooling around, on occasion, on my 4-wheeler. I absolutely missed my dirt bike though. About 1 month ago, one of my friends bought a 2009 TW200 with 500 miles on it. He like to explore the back country as I do and he swears that he is going to the 7 Devils area and Warm lake area this summer for adventures so that was the last straw.

I found a 2005 TW200 in Utah with 1100 miles on it and I am going to get it Sat. I did take my friends TW200 for a little spin 2 days ago and found that for my type of adventures, It is to high geared. So I ordered a 55 tooth sprocket. I am aware that my chain may be a little short on one end for this sprocket as it has a stock one now and I think it is a 50T.

SO FINALLY, here is are questions; will I need to lengthen the chain and if so, about how many links will it probably take? Where can a person purchase a short section of chain?

I am also up for impromtu adventures so if any of you, in this part of the country, are up for late winter and spring rides, let me know.


Ron in Boise

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I run a 14 tooth front and a 55 tooth rear. A 124 link and 126 link chain will work and I've had both. I like the 126 better because it gives me a longer wheelbase. With the 124 link chain, the adjusters were on 3 or so, and with the 126 link chain, the adjusters where on 6ish.

I'd just get a new chain. O-ring or regular. Replace the front sprocket or don't, thats up to you. I'd just get a new rear sprocket and a new regular chain and call it good.

A new chain should run you about 25 bucks or so.
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