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Chalky, flattened TW!

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Got my oldest daughter (5yo) off the schoolbus yesterday and she was outside with me for a while drawing with sidewalk chalk. I was tinkering on the TW and chatting with her. She was busy drawing the bike (disassembled) piece by piece, and asked me to draw, too. I drew mine in fully assembled form.

Perspective isn't quite there, and it certainly not to scale, but 5 minutes and a pantleg full of chalk later..

(the oil spots aren't from the TW!
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5-year olds are quite literal with their art. When I taught kinder one boy was obviously artistically gifted. He drew in colored pencils, from memory, a beautiful 11x17 picture of his grandmother's garden. He worked on it a few minutes every day before school started. As the project progressed over a period of weeks staff and faculty came by to check out the progress. When done with the colorful part of the project, he peeled the paper off a black crayon and rubbed over the entire picture. Being a developmental psychologist, I asked, "Garden at night, uh?" The principal saw the finished work, yanked the kid from the classroom, called his parents, called in the school psychologist, called in the district psychologist, ..., ended up with the terrified kid at Vanderbilt undergoing psycho-analysis. That boy never drew another picture for anyone adult except me--he would draw, color, or paint, share with the class, then destroy the work. If another adult walked in the classroom while he was making art, he'd cover his work and refuse to allow it to be viewed.
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