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Chalky, flattened TW!

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Got my oldest daughter (5yo) off the schoolbus yesterday and she was outside with me for a while drawing with sidewalk chalk. I was tinkering on the TW and chatting with her. She was busy drawing the bike (disassembled) piece by piece, and asked me to draw, too. I drew mine in fully assembled form.

Perspective isn't quite there, and it certainly not to scale, but 5 minutes and a pantleg full of chalk later..

(the oil spots aren't from the TW!
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Thats some real talent for a 5 year old. I'm 25 and I still don't think I could draw that well.
No, no.. I did that one: hers is a pile of parts, as the TW was disassembled at the time.
i guess i should read a little better! either way, looks great.
sad story qwerty. but that seems to be how america does it these days. remember, if disney, mtv, or reality tv didn't create it, it's not worthy.. people at work have been obsessed with some daily poll that is trying to determine the "greatest sitcom of all time" - with a poll of about 160 shows or something like that. everyday they ask me if i voted. i always say yes - because i know they would hate my real answer. i dont hardly watch tv or any of those shows. not that i dont appreciate some of them, i just find its the most stupid thing ever to ponder over such a stupid topic. there are 100 better things in my day to enjoy than watching garbage. one being riding the TW!!
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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