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Alain, you already have a 47 tooth installed! I can tell from your picture. It is a JT Sprocket. The model number is stamped on it: JTR1842-47. JT is the manufacturer. R=Rear, and that 47 means it's a 47 tooth version of their model 1842. The 49 on there under the logo denotes that it is made from C49 High Carbon Steel. You better count 'em up!

Btw, for the record, none of the options, including the stock 50 tooth, would make your engine rpms "too high". Stop worrying. Just ride it! Put some miles on, or KMs since yoor a canuck, eh? :) After a few thousand, re-evaluate, but until then get you some smiles! As a noob, invest the money in good riding gear or a motorcycle safety course when the thaw comes. You won't regret it. Best-
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