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As Fiona Apple would sing, "I've been bad, bad girl"...
Sorry this is so late. I've had this helmet for a while now, but haven't been able to determine if I like it or not. So I keep wearing it on and off, trying to form a good opinion. Why the indecision? Well...

Let’s review the points for this helmet:

  • Cheap - (score 2 of 2) Typically $100, I got this on sale for about $80. Considering the accessories that can be added to make this a year round lid, I think that's a great bargain.
  • Light Weight - (score 1 of 2) At 3.5lbs, the Zox is just fractionally lighter than the AFX-39DS and like the other two helmets, is well balanced, which means you don't feel like it's a heavy weight.
  • Comfort - (score 6 of 8)
    • Airflow (1) - There is not a lot of vents on this helmet. Sitting at a light can make it feel a little stuffy. But once moving, the air flow is adequate enough. I can see where this would easily be a winter lid.
    • Proper Fit (1) - This is the first of two issues with this helmet... While the Bell and the AFX-39DS had weird pressure points on the crown of my head, the Zox has the opposite problem: the padding forms a donut shape that holds on all around. At first it's annoying, but not uncomfortable. But then the pressure builds at the front and back of your head because it's a little too circular. Oh well
    • Materials (2) - The plastics and foam material in this are excellent. It's a well built shell with really nice foam padding. The cheek pads are a little tight, but I'm sure they would break in nicely after a while.
    • Aerodynamic (2) - Surprisingly, this helmet does great at high speeds. It surprised me. Like most helmets with peaks, a cross wind will still try to yank on your head a little, but anything under 45 feels like any other normal helmet.
  • Comm Ready - (score 2 of 2) The ear pockets inside the helmet seem large enough. Might run into the same issues with attaching the comm unit on the side, but velcro would solve that.
  • Sunblocker - (score 3 of 4)
    • The Peak (3) - I love the peak on the Zox! Of all the other helmets I've worn, this one has a peak that is actually useful when it comes to blocking the sun! If you don't like having the peak in your upper view, just loosen the top screw to push it back along the slotted adjustment rail. But honestly, it's so useful to be able to duck your head enough to block the sunlight and still see the road that it would be silly to not keep it fully forward.
    • Interior Drop-Down Sun Shade (0) - Doesn't have one, but I stole one point from here to give to the peak because it worked so well.
  • Shell Size - (score 1 of 2) There are 2 shell sizes. They are well enough fitted to not look like a bobble head :D
  • Accessories - (score .7) The Zox Rush SFX comes in a wide variety of colors (.1), offers a silvered face shield (.1), and offers a bunch of snow-mobile conversions for winter riding (breath box (.1), chin wind block (.1), pin lock face shield (.1), heated visor (.1), and a metric ton of replacement parts in a variety of colors to customize the look of this particular lid (.1)!!!!!
My final score for the Zox Rush SFX = 15 out of 20 with .7 bonus points.

General observations, likes and dislikes

Of the 3 helmets in this test group, I would give the Zox the best thumbs up. If it wasn't for the weird padding issue, I would really like to keep this one. But two things hold me back. As listed above, the weird donut padding just isn't comfortable. And the only other bad thing I will say about this is the way the shield never really lifts out of the way on my peripheral vision. You can see how far down it hangs in the picture below. Some folks might not mind it, but I find it extremely distracting.

So the final question is, in an objective analysis, would I recommend the Zox Rush SFX to someone else. Yes. If you have a round head and don't mind the weird shield issue, you would love this helmet. It's a bargain, very well made, and is flexible enough to wear year round.

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