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Purchased this unit in the Spring thinking it would be cooler in the hotter months than the one I currently use. Problem is, this is a small/medium and simply won't work for me. The unit is new and cost over $100 bucks. I cut a small section of the padding on the front neck area which I found uncomfortable, but still, the unit is simply to small. It is not doing me any good, so the best offer over $35 within two weeks of this date gets it. You will have to pay shipping as well. I suspect shipping cost will be around $ll.00. Please do your own research in order to answer any questions you might have. I am 6'1" and why I purchased a small medium escapes me. I like this type of 'armor' and will likely order the medium/large for next season. I don't return stuff like this because the wrong decession was mine. Gerry

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