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Clarke 'natural' see-thru tank question

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I'm thinking of buying one of the translucent Clarke tanks for my bike, but I'm curious if any of you have painted them with something appropriate and left a vertical strip on each side of the tank unpainted so you can see the fuel level.

I'm curious if enough light hits the tank or if light inside the tank is even required to see the fuel level.

Something like this:

My bike is black and I'd like a black tank, but extra fuel capacity and the ability to visually inspect both seem like positive additions to my riding experience. I'm just curious if any of you have done this or seen it done on other bikes?
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Thanks for the heads up. I had a 2007 Triumph Speed Triple with a plastic tank and the factory paint did indeed bubble up.

Here's a photo of my gas tank actually:

I will have to research it further as to what happens when you rattle can a single layer of Krylon fusion paint onto it. My triumph was painted with multiple layers of roulette green and clear coating.
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