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Clarke Tank dimples...

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I participated in the Clarke Tank buy-in, and I'd like to get some feed back from the members before I go ahead any further.

My main concern, are these dimples on the front of the tank. Are these common? Anything to worry about?

The tank is still in the box, waiting for me to do what's appropriate.

Aside from that, my only other negative experience is a scratch down the right side of the tank, that I can easily cover with a decal, so I don't care about that, not at the price!

NOT bitching, just checking. m.
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Yep, I would just use it. Gonna get scratched anyway when you dump it or tree branch reaches out to you. These are trail bikes, not flashy street bikes. Good to have a few battle scars.....
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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