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Clarke xt350 tank for sale (SOLD)

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I have a nice used white xt350 clark 4 gallon tank with xt350 petcock i want to sell. I would take $145 shipped as long as its in the US. Im short and i dont like the bars 2-3" higher than stock. I see most guys guys put high atv bars on anyway.

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I have to oem tank. I have a set of 1" risers on my other tw but i like them. You really need a 2" riser which i dont have or a 2-3" taller than stock handle bar. Atv high or similair.
Sold!! Funds pending. Its plastic and thats just a seat pad sitting where the normal seat sits.
Not sold! Back fur sale
Bump!! Heck of a deal!!
Sorry man its been gone for about 2 weeks. Im not sure how to close this thread.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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