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Classified Area Suggestion!

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I would like to make a suggestion that once a seller here in the classified forum sells his or her item(s), please edit your original post in the title area that the item is "Sold".

This will help those who are wanting to buy items on this forum out tremeduosly.

I used to be a forum moderator for the classified section, and this is what we did. Once a seller sold his or her item, that person would go back to the original ad (post) and edit the title by adding "Sold". This would let the moderator know that the item is sold, and the ad would be removed!

I'm not trying to step on anyones toes here believe me, but it's kinda frustrating responding to an add, and not hearing anything, only to find out days later that the item was sold.

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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