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Clutch basket rivets loose?

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My bike is in with JJ (recommended bike builder in Sgp - PM me for more info). I asked him - amoungst other things - to put a new set of clutch disks in. He showed me the clutch basket today - there is slop between the alloy basket and steel drive gear/back plate. The two are held together with four rivets - I think the rivets are 'wearing' under my continual clutch abuse. He's recommending a new clutch basket but I'd rather just have the basket/steel gear re-riveted. Has anyone done this before?
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We hammered in the rivets... the problem is the al. basket holes are a bit rounded out. Never mind (no replacement in stock anyways).

I changed my headlight today to a Philips 12342PRC1 premium vision H4 ($3) - supposedly +30% over stock (not DOT approved). It's better than stock but probably not as good as the Sylvania some talk about... man those headlight wires are a small gauge! They can't be bigger than 1.0 mm2 which is 6amps max in my book.

I also changed the burned out speedo bulb (T5W wedge) to an LED one - the cheapest white one the auto store had. Now I have a beautiful light green speedo display at night instead of the dull yellow one. I don't know why it's pale green (presumably filtered by the plastic) but it's pretty and I'm happy saving 2W or whatever it is.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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