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Clutch covers interchangable?

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I have another 87 that I picked up today and upon getting it home and pulling off the oil filter cover, it appears that some kind of very brittle silver sealant was used to try to stop what I can only assume was an "O" ring leak............anyway, I want to change out the right crankcase, (clutch) cover because I don't trust that stuff to NOT find its way into the oil system, (IF it hasn't already, I didn't see any in the oil when I drained and strained it).

The only right hand clutch case cover I see on ebay is for a 2005. Will it fit? I'm sure the left is slightly different because of the stator differences but don't know about the right (clutch cover).


Thanks very much.


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Yes, the parts are interchangeable.

The year doesn't play a role.
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