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Clutch fixed, now Kickstart problems!

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I installed (well nearly) my new clutch on the weekend..

One of the Clutch Spring Bolt/Screw broke off! Few words were spoken..

So I have a couple spares on their way.

My question is how tight do these have to be done up?

They obviously compress the spring more, giving a tighter clutch..

The harder the better for me, I just don't want to break another..

And I don't have a torque wrench..

Any help would be great!
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Were you using the manual and a torque wrench?

stupid question really.. do i really need to answer?
Thank you kind sir.

I have the manual thanks. I will definitely buy a torque wrench and save the hassle guessing (and breaking)!
If you are near a Harbor Freight they have inch pound torque wrenches for $10 when on sale. If not I can send you one in tomorrow's mail.

I think the postage to New Zealand may be a bit much haha!

Thanks for the thought!

I am buying a cool little Powerbuilt 1/2"Dr Digital Torque Adapter for a good price locally
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ok so the Digital Torque thing I was about to buy only goes down as low as 40nm.

the clutch springs need to be done to 4nm - is this just finger tight or what?

are there torque wrenches that go as low as 4nm, or am I wasting my time?
Did you ever get the right torque wrench?

ok, so i did it. went and bought a torque wrench. tightened stuff up, then took it back and said i got the wrong thing hehe...

clutch is good.

only thing is now the kickstart is funny. not haha funny..

it will kickstart ok, but doesnt spring back into its upright position.

i knew this would happen when i was removing the cover and it half popped out.. trouble..

what is most likely in the wrong position?

i have printed out blow apart diagrams, and will attack it this weekend..
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1 - 6 of 14 Posts
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