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Clutch fixed, now Kickstart problems!

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I installed (well nearly) my new clutch on the weekend..

One of the Clutch Spring Bolt/Screw broke off! Few words were spoken..

So I have a couple spares on their way.

My question is how tight do these have to be done up?

They obviously compress the spring more, giving a tighter clutch..

The harder the better for me, I just don't want to break another..

And I don't have a torque wrench..

Any help would be great!
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My local autozone let me borrow a very nice torque wrench for free.

I left them with a $100 deposit, and they refunded it to me in full a few hours later when I was done with it.

Autozone is right around the corner from me, so buying a torque wrench of my own got bumped way on down my to-do list when I realized I could borrow one for free any time I want.

I think Pep boys has the same sort of deal going, others may as well.
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