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I just got a 94 tw up and running last week. Tore it down to the frame, cleaned, changed oil, painted... Etc. I rode it several miles yesterday and it shifted perfect and smooth. After browsing the forums last night I realized I had not set the slack in my chain. I moved the bike forward and tensioned the top of the chain so all slack was on bottom. I then adjusted axle tabs so there was about an inch, inch and a half play. Today I took the bike out and really rode it hard for the first time( did not disappoint!) At the end of the day I noticed when I let out the clutch there was a slight pop just before it engaged the gear. When I pull in the clutch it fully disengages like its supposed to, just happens when I'm letting it out. What's it sound like to yall?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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