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Clutch question

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I've read several threads about the clutch spring issues and looked at the sticky. My clutch problem seems like it may be different from those, but I'm just not sure. Most of those threads describe losing power or clutches not engaging until the lever is almost all the way out. Here is what happened with mine (2007 TW200 with 1500 miles). I warmed the bike up (in neutral) for a few minutes until it was idling smoothly. Then, I pulled the clutch lever all the way in. I put the bike in first gear and it jumped forward and stalled (all with the clutch lever pulled all the way in). I put it back in neutral, started it again and this time everything worked fine.

Is that likely the same clutch spring issue? (I'm at work and can't check the spring until later tonight) Or is it a different issue altogether?
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Thanks, that makes a lot of sense. I just bought the bike used and I had ridden it a couple times, but it had been sitting outside under a cover in cool rainy conditions (since that's all we seem to be having this spring in New England). And the problem went away after I rode it. No further problems. That definitely eases my mind, thanks for your quick answers.
I don't know what was in it when I bought it, but I just changed it yesterday with Valvoline motorcycle specific 10W-40.
I'll try the Mobil 1 Racing next time I change the oil. I also wanted to share something that seems to have helped. In addition to qwerty's recommendation to roll the bike in gear with clutch in to break the plates apart, I found another suggestion somewhere on the internet that seemed to help. After rolling the bike as suggested, then starting the bike and while warming up in neutral, I alternated between 10 seconds on and 10 seconds off with the clutch lever. After trying this yesterday, no lurching when dropping into 1st and no difficult first shift into second gear.

Worked well for me, might help someone else out.
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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