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Bike has a lil over 3k miles on it. Prev owner used Mobil 4T and so am I.
I rode 129 miles today all of which was on pavement. Temp in the 70-80's.

After a bunch of riding nuetral gets very hard to find. At several red lights I spent the entire time going from 1st to 2nd to 1st trying to find N.
So I was sitting in 1st waiting for traffic to clear and I start smelling clutch. At first I was convinced it couldn't be me.
Never felt slippage but when shifting down to 1st I sometimes have to release clutch in nuetral, pull again, then drop into 1st.
Lever has good freeplay, oil changed about 300 miles ago, cable needs lubed, first TW but not my first clutch. I do NOT over work it.

So maybe the synthetic isn't happy or prev owner had a tough learning curve lol.

Either way it looks like I'm doing a clutch.

Barnett and EBC seem popular plus heavy springs. Or stock with heavy springs.

Curious if anyone here has used several different setups and can compare.
Ebc has always been good to me but Barnett is 2x the price. And I don't think EBC has a spring set.
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