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Colorado trip

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Amazing pics, Colorado looks like an awesome spot for the T dub. Nice story about you and your buddy too. Hopefully he hasn't been put off from off road riding cause of the stormy situation. Cheers for sharing the cool pics. Look forward to seeing the vid.
What amazing landscape! I LOVE Colorado...

Looks pretty much like epic TW terrain!

Thanks for sharing man.
He sold his klr and now has a 03 TW. The guys who make the bdr backcountry discovery routes "youtube it" said that this area was by far the most scenic area of any of their rides so far. Telluride to Lake City via Ophir Pass, California gulch, Hurricane and Cinnsmon Passs.. One of them said its in the top 5 rides he has ever done in the world.
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He sold his klr and now has a 03 TW.

Love it!!
Now he can keep up with you....
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Thanks for linking this in your dream ride comment. Great looking pics, looks like a lot of fun.
Thanks. The Utah trip has way more pics. I have a hard time taking pics because I just want to ride
61 - 68 of 68 Posts
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