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Any one live in or near Columbia,SC? I would really like to meet another TW owner
I know of a few trails if you'd like to get together and ride.

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I live in Atlanta and I have begun the planning stages of a road trip during mid May. My plan so far is to pack up my fishing gear, a bar of soap and a sleeping bag and head for Memphis. I will spend the night with a buddy there, then head east to some lake. I will do this for a couple of days/nights until I reach the tail of the dragon and then into the Carolinas with my next scheduled stop in Florence, SC cause I know someone else and can get a real bed to sleep in. Then back to Atlanta from there. I am hoping that there will be a multitude of people on this site that know of a nice spot to fish such as private ponds and stuff and wouldn't mind me sleeping right there on the bank. I find big lakes to be dreadfully hard to fish if you don't know them and even harder if you don't even have a boat. However, I am certain that state parks and such will be my only option because private land owners are often quite stingy with their land (although not without good reason).

I've really been craving a real, back to nature type of trip. I eat what I catch, sleep under the stars, and when I start stinkin' I'll just jump in the water and lather up! I am from Kentucky, after all.

But anyway...... I here Greenville is really nice in mid May and as such, I may need to swing by in that direction...... If you can lead me to a good fishing whole!
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