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Hi guys,

So I mentioned in another thread that I was thinking of selling an FMF Exhaust system I have for a TW200 and then my PM's started blowing-up with offers and questions. So since this seems to be a hot item (which I recently found-out seems to be worth more than I thought it was) I decided to post an actual ad for it.

Complete FMF Power Core 4 Exhaust with Header, brackets even comes with a tube of high-temp Silicone and a new package of FMF Re-packing material. I bought this ten years ago from a previous member of this (or maybe) the board before which pre-dated this one and I never installed it. It was used when I bought it and shows some signs of wear (see photos) namely header has a small ding and scratch in it and the Silencer has some scuff marks on it. It may also need to be re-packed which is why I'm including a brand-new package of packing material.

I'm in Orange in So.Cal. and would prefer a local cash sale. If interested feel free to send me a message or ask any questions, thanks!





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