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Considering a TW

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I'm considering getting a TW200. In the past I was a motorcycle safety instructor in Illinois. One of the types of bikes we used was the TW200. They are great bikes in this usage because they handle very well. The figure 8 test can easily be done on a TW200.

I also own a Jeep Wrangler and a Honda 4x4 ATV. I'm interested in a lightweight dual sport motorcycle to supplement my Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 for commuting duties and also to use for recreational offroad riding. I'm thinking that when my wife comes with my son and I on an offroad ride I'll ride a dual sport while she rides my ATV and my son rides his ATV. The type of trail riding we do is pretty tame.

My main concern is how comfortable the TW200 will be for a 45 minute commute. I find many motorcycles to have seats that are uncomfortable to me. The problem is with me rather than the bikes seats. I just have a hard time staying comfortable on a bike for long periods. My street bikes have had Corbin seats and they have been much better than stock but still not totally comfortable to me. My ATV actually has a pretty comfortable seat in that my body is upright and my weight gets spread onto my thighs as opposed to my cruisers where the weight is on the rear. If the TW has an upright seating position with a decently padded seat I think it should be okay. I'm 6 foot and weigh 225. How is the TW for a taller rider? I understand that Seat Concepts makes a wider seat for a low price.

I'm also considering bikes like the XT225/250. What do you guys like better about the TW than other dual sport bikes in its size class?
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I Think you will like the TW200 alot. Like everyone said they can do everything just not as fast as persay some of the larger dual sports. The mods I have done to mine are: DG pipe, Pro taper bars, ODI grips, Power madd hand gaurds, Re-jet, Needle shim modd, bridgestone 203 and 204 street tires, etc... Mine currently does 79mph (probably would have broke 80 if i held it on longer) on flat ground. I have cruised on the freeway once before for a 10 mile jaunt and it did fine motor wasnt revving out at 60-62 at all, gonna try it for a longer jaunt here soon.
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