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Good news for Yamaha fans! I was just perusing the Consumer Report website for paint, and decided to type in "motorcycles".
I'm not a paid member there, but was able to click on a link for "most reliable motorcycles", or something like that.
Anyway, Yamaha comes out #1 !
Boy! BMW isn't fairing so hot...glad I like the OLD (airhead!!) ones...

Reliablity by brand:

Brand Percent failed

Yamaha/Star 11%
Suzuki 12
Honda 12
Kawasaki 15
Victory 17
Harley-Davidson 26
Triumph 29
Ducati 33
BMW 40
Can-Am 42

With a larger sample size than in our previous motorcycle survey, now counting 12,300 motorcycles, we were able to add more brands and resolution this year. For this analysis, we adjusted for mileage driven over a 12-month period and estimated repair rates for 4-year-old models without a service contract.

RicklessssS in Oregon

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That HD is more reliable than any bike on any list surprises me. Also surprised by BMW's low rank. I wonder where Urals would rank?
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