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I think they're only available in Russia though, right?

Sales are available only in Russia now.
Here are the answers on your most popular questions:
1. We sell bikes only in Russia now. No international shipping.
2. The cost in Russia is 1700 USD. The export cost will not be the same. I cant say it because of it depends on a lot of things.
3. We plan to start export in november 2016 to some Europe contries and probably to US. Now its not ready for export (not as good as it should be, but we'll do it). Check the site if it will be available - we will write about it.
4. If you want to buy this bike anymore we can sell it in Russia only - you will have to ship it to your country yourself.
5. We are looking for distributors in all countries. If yoyu want to be a distributor please contact me to [email protected] in october and I will give you more detail information about terms and conditions.
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