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Could not find a reasonably prices TW200

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Oops, posted this in the Classified section by mistake so here it is again.

Well I tried to find a reasonably priced TW 200 in the area (eastern Wisconsin) but had no luck ($2900 for a 2009 with 1650 miles, $3300 for a 2010 with 250 mi used for motorcycle training class, etc) so I started looking at other dual sport bikes and bought a 2008 Yamaha WR250R (fuel injected, liquid cooled, very good suspension etc) in very good condition (a few scratches on the plastic) with 547 miles ridden by an old man like me (paid $3600 so not too much more than the TWs for sale here currently). In 2008 a new WR sold for $2100 more than the TW so with the low miles I think I did OK. I was looking forward to the wide tires on the TW but all I read about the WR says it is a very good bike also. I look forward to spending time on it. Anyone have experience on a WR?
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They are great bikes!

There is a section for them on ADVRider that you will want to read.

Excellent bikes, just not at all like a TW.

Totally different design/use goals.

I would love to have one to join my DR650 and TW200.

Each bike has a huge advantage in some areas over the others, and falls short in other ways.

They don't compete, they compliment each other.

Hmmmm, maybe I can trade my 05 RM250 for one?
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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