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I just got back from overseas where I had to leave my 2007 TW with approx 1200 miles on it because the Embassy wouldn't ship it back. So naturally I bought another one here in Oregon, a 1991.....then I bought another one, a 1993, ...........Saturday I'm going to pick up a 1987. It's just me and my wife so she thinks I've gone mad.

On a more positive note though; she climbed aboard one on Saturday without me begging her to and rode it around the property with me chasing around behind her like a scared Daddy watching his kid learn to ride a bike (I don't have kids, so I can only imagine it was similar).

She didn't fall down even once and the most she's ever ridden before was a Honda Spree scooter she once owned 20 years ago. She evn went up through 3rd gear. I was so proud. I had bought the second one because I was hoping she'd eventually become a riding partner, (she's so hard-headed though that pushing her too much would have turned her off the idea).

She's even agreed to take the Motorcycle Riders Foundation Safety Course this spring.

She enjoyed herself and said she could see how it could be fun to ride some of the old closed off woods roads that are so common here.

Oh, if you're doing the math; you're right, two of us and three TW's doesn't add up...maybe I'll adopt someone..

I traded in my old Sportster for a BMW f650gs for longer trips, but I'll never let her ride that one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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