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Hello all,
I'm the owner of a TW 225 that I bought in Hong Kong. It was already modified a lot in Japan style when I got it.

The airbox had been removed and replaced by a small air filter directly attached to the carburetor (I don't know what was that model).
Now its totally dead and its connector part ripped off so I'm left with the carb alone.

For a replacement I read that the K&N Air filter RU-1780 is adapted.
However here in Hong Kong I just found another model, the RU-0510 which is very similar but does not have that longer inclined sleeve. So if I try to mount it directly on the carburetor the rear shock absorber is in the way and I cannot mount it.
It is also similar to the KIJIMA 102-057 on webike : KIJIMA : Power air cleaner [102-057]

Do you know if I get this part from Yamaha 5LB-14453-10-00 JOINT, AIR CLEANER 1 it will solve my problem ? (#6 here World of Powersports' 2002 Yamaha TW 200 | AIR CLEANER W/ INTAKE Parts List )
And if no, what part can I get ?

Thanks for your help!
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