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several issues took me this route..

1 ) rust on the frame..

general ugliness with wiring - and whatnot brackets...

2) a "wobbly" box - massive UGLY support bars - yet stupidly flimsy where it attached to the Givi plate.. felt like it could fall off at any minute!

Blair Gunship kindly pointed out that it would be easier to fix the tube if I put a rod inside -

which we ( he )
developed into this idea..

the support is now inside the frame..

the supporting rod goes all the way into the frame to the "bend" where the tank attaches...

and this is the (nearly) finished job

- just a bit of tidying to do on the wiring...

might put the tool box back on - thinking I might put wiring in there so she can charge her phone on the way to work?

I just wanted to put it in order in one place - and hopefully inspire some people to try their hand as well - I guess all in it took me 4 or 5 half days to do - including my shoddy rattle tin spraying!

looks much better I think!

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thanks Blair..

Yep the jobs a good 'un

really strong - we lifted the bike up using this - and with a solid steel tube inside the frame tubing and then inside the extension tubing I think it wont be coming off anytime soon!

I used some of the same tubing to raise the base plate - just bolted on with big bolts.. thought I had some flexibility that way- can move the box back or forth if I got it wrong,..

what is interesting is if I take it a little higher - there's almost a storage cubby hole under the box - so far I just used it to stuff my waterproofs in after a shopping trip!

its so strong I thought others might be interested as it was a really cheap way of doing this - ofcourse if you have the stock fender it may not appeal- but over here it seems that people just love lopping those off.. ( we got this TW for US1000 and its a 2000)

and I suspect that rust issue might be common - as it seems there is foam under the seat that protudes there and obvuously retains water - causing the frame to rot thru!

happy hunting ! thanks mart
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