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cutting out a minute or 2 after movin?

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occasionally the bike is cutting out a minute or so after "getting underway" - generally the missus will start the engine - sometimes need choke sometimes not - she lets it stand and idle for the time it takes her to put on her knee pads, jacket , gloves and helmet.. then lock her handbag in the topbox on the back ... 1 or 2 mins I'd guess?

sometimes perhaps 200 to 300 meters ( sometimes longer ) on pulling away the bike will die - bwwwwoooooooaaaaaar - like no spark or no gas.. usually happens when accelarating from a junction

usually it will start right away or after a couple of goes on the starter after its slowed to a stop,,,

after this one time cut out it will run fine for the rest of the "trip" long or short..

sometimes will do this after stopping briefly ( like refilling the gas )

any one any suggestions?

so far I've by passed the sidestand switch - thats soldered wires together... I cleaned the carb out ( or did I miss something? ) and the bike has a fuel filter fitted... it did stop for a while but its still occasionally doing this
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its 2001 - 40,000 Km - lives in its own private tent in Hong kOng...

not sure the incorrect pilot screw setting would cause a one off cut out? wouldnt that affect its starting and idling all the time?

the jets are the same as the last 2 years... runs well! just this one cut out, after its just been started *sometimes*

I think I might take the carb off again and check the float pivot,.. cos it does sound like it could be a stuck float? the bike just runs on whats in the float bowl? stops an then somehow the petrol gets going again.?

but wondering since the engine doesnt really splutter and surge much - it just "switches off" could be an electrical issue... if you have ever hit the kill switch.. whilst rolling fast in gear - or the failed bump start.....

the side stand is bypassed... could be the kill switch?
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thanks srs! that seems to make sense!

maybe its time to do a seals and o ring change on the carb? we had the bike for more than 2 years now!

any one have a good source or ebay link for a carb kit? want to make sure I get to get the right thing!

( service wise so far I have changed oil and filters a few times.. checked rocker gaps and a new spark plugs - new brake hose - and adjusted rear brake rod! only fail in 2 years was the starter relay! )

( not sure the standard jets are right for me,, but this sort of thing?
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thanks Lizrd! I will take the carb off an give it all another good clean! didnt think of the hoses.. to be honest when we bought this TW it had obviously been abused but when u pay less than US$1000 for a bike you aint expecting a Full Service History! but its been a star!
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