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cutting out a minute or 2 after movin?

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occasionally the bike is cutting out a minute or so after "getting underway" - generally the missus will start the engine - sometimes need choke sometimes not - she lets it stand and idle for the time it takes her to put on her knee pads, jacket , gloves and helmet.. then lock her handbag in the topbox on the back ... 1 or 2 mins I'd guess?

sometimes perhaps 200 to 300 meters ( sometimes longer ) on pulling away the bike will die - bwwwwoooooooaaaaaar - like no spark or no gas.. usually happens when accelarating from a junction

usually it will start right away or after a couple of goes on the starter after its slowed to a stop,,,

after this one time cut out it will run fine for the rest of the "trip" long or short..

sometimes will do this after stopping briefly ( like refilling the gas )

any one any suggestions?

so far I've by passed the sidestand switch - thats soldered wires together... I cleaned the carb out ( or did I miss something? ) and the bike has a fuel filter fitted... it did stop for a while but its still occasionally doing this
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What year TW and how many miles....does it live outside or is it kept inside a garage?.Has the bike been rejetted,pilot jet screw turned
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