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Sale to forum member pending - Thanks to all expressing interest !!!

I have had this set laying around thinking I would use it but I've switched to an HT rear rack and Giant Loop soft bags so I won't be needing these.

These pannier brackets can be used on the front or rear Cycle Rack

I'll also include a very well built right angle Kolpin bracket and the removable Kolpin mount that can bolt directly to the Cyclerack panniers or use the HD 90 degree bracket on your haul / support rig etc

$79 plus actual USPS postage from Arizona so if you are in or adjoining AZ postage will be like $10 other wise we probably need large flat rate box at $18 - payment by US Postal MO or PP friends pls

I'll be making a drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles then north to Seattle in the coming week to 10 days so I could also meet or mail along the route

you can also mail cash which was a no-no in the old daze but due to the crazy fees and expenses of the banking cartel it's not a great option on lower value items from people you know or trust
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