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Cycra Probend hand guards on stock bars?

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We have Tusk D-Flex guards on my wife’s bike and after a little tweaking and grinding they fit fine and look good.

I would like to try something different on my bike. The Cycra CRM Probends look interesting. I like that the inner handlebar connection point is down low and towards the center of the bars – that ought to leave more room for a tie down connection point. (The D-flex mount is right in the way of where my tie-down soft ties usually go.)

I just wondered how the Cycras fit on the stock TW bars and if anyone has any complaints with the Cycras?

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I have the cycra's on stock bars, I thought they were kind of hard to get in just the right spot, especially on the brake side. I have been happy with them though, went down hard on the ice this winter at about 25 mph, no damage to anything just some scrapes on the hand shields.

Thanks Howardgene. It sounds like they can be made to fit. That is what I was trying to find out.

I appreciate the feedback!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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