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Day Trip to Quartz Mountain-Manastash Ridge, WA

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Today I went up to Quartz Mountain for a day ride. I loaded up the TW last night, and was ready to roll by 7am.

Here is the bike loaded up and ready to go-I made sure that I took plenty of water since temps were going to exceed 100 degrees today. That is my water carrier above the gas can it holds about 1 gallon of water-works like a drinking fountain after you open the valve. Air flow actually helps keep the water cool when moving above 25 mph.

Next stop was a short rest break along the south fork of Manastash Creek

This area 25 million years ago was inundated with many lava flows - in some areas the basalt is over 10,000 feet thick.

Small pond along the way.

This is a nice campground on FR 31

The top of Quartz Mountain gives you great views both to the north and to the south. Unfortunately it was very hazy today so the pictures are not the clearest but still the view was impressive.

Mt Stewart and Alpine Lakes Region

Mt Rainier

Memorial to a fallen biker -the road at the top turns hard left the rider did not make the turn and went over the cliff.

Another panorama

I think I found a route from Ellensburg to 410 so that you can travel to Mt Rainier Park riding mostly on gravel/dirt roads. I will check that out next time.

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What wonderful pictures! I love that area. Thank you for sharing. At the end of the Manastash Road at the Quartz Mtn. Campground (past Rider's Camp and Manastash Campground), there is a motorcycle trail that will take you down to RD 1900 in the Little Naches area. From there you can head to Mt. Rainier National Park.

Great photo's. So many great places to ride, and so little time to do it. I haven't been to Mt. Rainier since about 1982 and your photo's take me down memory lane. Mt Stewart and Mt. Rainier almost look like background paintings behind the foreground landscape. I also like the gnarly tree's and tree branches.

Thanks for sharing your photo's.
Beautiful Mike (in the manlist of ways
). Boy your bike is one serious "Adventure Rig". Very nice 'stills'. Thanks, Gerry
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you have got come great country out your way. looks like a blast.
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