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Seemed like a great plan. Work a 24 hour shift on Monday, go home for a few hours rest and then take a leisurely drive down to Daytona for the rest of bike week. Except for the mega storm that was coming our way here in NY. We had already pre-loaded our bikes earlier in the week when the temps were in the 60's. But it got bitter cold and there was no doubt this was going to be a bad storm/blizzard. I set up the generator out on our porch so my wife could use the transfer switch if neccesary. And stockpiled a lot of firewood. Most business's in NYC and locally had already announced closure. Schools too. So we moved our plans to leave immediately from work at 2:00am. And unfortunately that is exactly when it started snowing so we postponed. It's hard enough to drive with no sleep but in dangerous conditions it makes it even worse.
In the end it all worked out for the best. I had 3+ hours of snow blowing to do. Got to play with the Ural in the snow (thank goodness for 2-Wheel Drive and reverse) and we pulled out onto i-95 at 7:00pm. Arrived at our hotel in Palm Coast 16 hours later. Our rooms weren't ready so we went out riding till 9:30pm.
Man I'm tired. Any other pilgrims down here?




Our rig. Inside: RoadKing, Sportster, Yammy FZ1, K75/mine)
By the way, that extra large woman in the picture was NOT with us!

At one of the events. They are burning this giant bike sculpture on Friday night. Whoo-Hoo.
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