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Desert Ride with Admiral & Son

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The stars, sun and moon finally aligned and I was able to get a ride in with Son #3. First time since he bought his KX250F last fall. As you will see in the video, youth and

a more powerful motorcycle = me being left in the dust. Often!

The good news, I'm so sore that I don't even feel my normal aches and pains!

Bad news is, I got new aches and pains! Time heals all wounds, right?

Finally got to test my new 55T sprocket rigorously. Love a lot. Got me easily up this little hill . . . though I have to take the correct fork!

But not this one. I call this hill the "Widow Maker". Had enough gear, just to much loose dirt and rocks. I was oh so close to making it!

I was on my own for a while until my son and his buddy caught up to me. It would be the last time I'd be in the lead without holding them up.

Can you see the rabbit? If you have an imagination that is!

With all the folks at the trail head, we only ran into 2 small groups the whole day.

#3 having a little fun. I tried to jump too, but #3 said I only got both wheels off the ground about 2 inches. Oh well, I'm a chicken anyway.

Sand and whoops! Double devil diablo x2. Though never comfortable with either element, I am getting better riding in it.

Had a fun day of riding with son #3.


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Fun! Tw's don't jump! they like keeping their tires firmly on the trail.
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