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Hey forum

I have a problem that's very annoying. When i try to start my bike (electricaly) it doesn't work, the only way it will start is by push starting it and revving it a little before i can switch is back to neutral.. so after beeing pissed for a while it started looking up the symptomes on google and some other forums, where i discovered that the problem probably was that my main jet was to small (i changed my airfilter to a K&N filter btw). so when i was looking for my jet size in the manual i was stopt emediatly because i couldn't figure out what it was actually saying.. because a 118 jet seems a little small to start of with.. (even though i have a TW125 and not a 200...)

the manual says:


Type --Y24P

I.D. mark --5EK1 00

Main jet (M.J) --#118

Main air jet (M.A.J) --ø1.4

Jet needle (J.N) --4C78-3/5

Needle jet (N.J) --T00

Cut away (C.A) --2.5

Pilot air jet (P.A.J) --ø1.3

Pilot outlet (P.O) --0.8

Pilot jet (P.J) --#38

Bypass 1 (B.P.1) --1.0

Pilot screw (P.S) --2

Valve seat size (V.S) --ø2.0

Starter jet 1 (G.S.1) --#60

Starter jet 2 (G.S.2) --#60

Float height (F.H)

Fuel level (F.L) --0  2.0mm


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Your main jet has nothing to do with starting. Your pilot jet and choke contral that.

Are you saying that your battery runs down before it starts or that it cranks but won't fire unless you push it?

If it's the latter your problem is a slow starter not building up sufficient speed to fill the capacitor in the CDI, or weak ignition components.

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+1, check this out. not TW specific but still very informative.

I run pipe and pods as well and I do not need a bigger pilot jet FYI for my 96 dub. just 2 1/2 turns out on the pilot screw. your probably sitting at a half turn out from the factory and its leaning you out on startup.
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